Tracy has grown up with having pets of all sorts. She had pets before having children and now, she is giving her kids the same kind of experience of growing up with pets. She is a teacher for kids and has no problem providing education to kids about proper pet care. Tracy is an educator with the patience of no other. She has an infectious personality that makes everyone happy around her. 


Elisa has animal rescue in her blood. Since she was a little girl, she has been around animals, helping with rehabbing & releasing, fostering, adopting out etc.

Today, she helps not only animals, but the human kind too. It's where she got the idea for HARTT.

While helping humans in their time of need, she noticed their pets or community cats that needed help too. So, the idea of helping the families stay together was born. 


Bob wears a few hats. He volunteers his time as an EMT/Fire Fighter.

Just recently he was featured on the news, his FF team rescued baby ducks that fell into a sewer & momma duck was pacing back & forth until the little family was reunited. Bob always provides education to people, including people that aren't following the law or limits. 

Meet Our 

What to Expect

Expect friendly faces.

Our volunteers are ready and willing to help you.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet/community cat like they're one of our  own.


Professional service.

The veterinarian performing your pets surgery is licensed & board certified. They too, are on a mission to lower the overpopulation of unwanted animals.